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Bubble and Light Displays

Deluxe Ornament with LED Light and Bubble Maker Kit
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AMAZING - These kits include an attractive ornament, a coloured LED light and a unique bubble maker to create an amazing display. Available in assorted designs. The bubble maker operates underwater using a venturi system, so is incredibly quiet. The 4 watt bubble maker operates in tanks to 45cm high, with a 2 watt LED. The Multi LED colour changes colours (available in selected items only)

Style LED Colour Price
Volcano Red $69.00
Collosseum Multi $75.00
Stump Green $69.00
Pyramid White $69.00
Pyramid Multi $75.00

Eco LED Air Bar Lighting


Fully Submersible combined LED lighting and air stone, available in 3 solid colours and one multi colour. Attach the unit to a standard air pump with air line for a display of coloured bubbles (airpump and airline sold separately). Light unit measures 22 cm.
Moonlight Green - Highlights Planted tanks beautifully
Moonlight Red - Ideal with tanks with wood and rock features
Moonlight Blue - Use in Marine Tanks to see nocturnal activity
Multi - Slowly changing multicoloured lights for a peaceful, constantly changing effect.


Size LxWxH
Dimensions Price
220 x 25 x 30 mm $45.00

LED Submersible MoonLights
LED Submersible Strip Moon Light


Fully submersible Moon Lights feature blue LED bulbs in a fully enclosed strip, complete with suction caps and 240 V transformer. Suitable for Marine use. Place in various positions in your tank for a blue glow, perfect for nighttime viewing.


Dimensions Price
380 mm long x 98 mm diameter $55.00
480 mm long x 98 mm diameter $65.00
580 mm long x 98 mm diameter $75.00
750 mm long x 98 mm diameter



Submersible Spot Lights
Resun Submersible Spot Light


Submersible Spotlights include four coloured filters for a range of effects (red, blue, green and yellow as well as clear), and can be mounted on a swivelling platform to positon light as required, or with suction cups. Low voltage for safety with 240 W transformer, halogen bulb. Suitable for use in ponds, 6 metre cable.


Size LxWxH
Dimensions Wattage Price
60 x 60 x 65 mm 20 watt $49.00