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Welcome to our Special Buys!

When we can get a good deal on something, we will pass it on to you
at the best price we can. These specials will only be while stocks last,
no holds and no rainchecks.
Check in regularly to see what is new!

Added 23/08/16

AQUA ONE Curved Front Frameless Tank: 4 Sizes

31 x 18 x 19 H cm
$39 40 x 23 x 26 H cm
$45 45 x 27 x 28 H cm
Frameless glass tank in 4 sizes. Includes glass lids in 2 pieces, optional lid holders and foam base. This price only while stocks last. $49 50 x 30 x 30 H cm

Added 23/08/16



Reduced Price!
Was $159
Oversupply on this one size only. 8 watt unit recommended for tanks to 300L. UV sterilisers are the best way to deal with water borne pathogens like algae spores or micro parasites. Requires a powerhead pump water through unit. This price only while stocks last.

Added 14/11/15



Special Price!
Was $59
This is an Italian made heater with a ceramic core for more efficient heating, precision temperature guage and safety glass. These ones are in the old packaging, so have been reduced from $59 to $45. Applies to old packaged items only.
Lucky Reptile InfraRed Thermometer - Point & read

Special Price! Was $79
Easy way to check temperature in different areas of the terrarium. Point at target area for a quick reading. Portable, can quickly use for a number of different enclosures, so no fixed mounting.
*Only available at Meadowbrook. Very limited numbers*
Lucky Reptile TermoContol ll Electronic Thermostat with timer

Special Price! Was $110
4 Thermostat controller has serperate tier for lighting or ventilator. Alamr function for temperature difference, an external heat sensor with 2 m cable
*Only available at Meadowbrook. Very limited numbers*

Added 10/11/15

SERENITY Curved Front Tank 10 Litre with LED light & Built in Filter


Reduced Price!
Was $89
Stylish Desktop tank has built in LED light with daylight and moonlight settings. Built in filter in hood incorporates undergravel filter and top trickle down filter. Tank measures 315 x 190 x 315 H mm. This price only while stocks last.

Our hardworking model has been running for years! Accessories not included.

Rear view

Added 4/11/15

3ft T8

T8 3 foot 30 watt Superlight Plant light

Special Price!
4ft T8 Actinic
T8 4foot 36 watt Superlight BLUE light - Actinic
Special Price!
3ft T5
T5 3 foot Daylight Tube 6500K
Special Price!
4ft T5
T5 4 foot Daylight Tube 6500K
Special Price!

Added 23/10/15

Heating Tree Stump HTS-0505


Were $50
For reptile enclosures, resin heated ornament holds its temperature at 26 degrees. Great for kids tanks as you cannot burn yourself or your critters. Good addition for hermit crab tanks - they love to climb on these! 5 watt
Ornament - Fighter Plane

Were $24
Resin ornament measures 28cm x 25cm x 7cm high. With shell & coral detail.

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