12 month warranty on Aquariums R Us tanks
Congratulations on the purchase of your new
Aquariums R Us fish tank.
All of our tanks use new glass and have been built by trained tank makers with many years experience. Quality features include wider and heavier reinforcing structures, base thicknesses and construction grade adhesives that surpass the common industry standard.


  • All Aquariums R Us tanks are covered with a full 12 month warranty and applies only to tanks manufactured by us. This covers you against manufacturer's faults, such as leakages, however does not cover broken glass, chips, scratches or cracks once in customer's possession.
  • This warranty is subject to the correct use of styrofoam underneath tanks and the placement of the tank on a flat, level surface that has a full plywood top. Purpose built Aquarium furniture should be used, and must be guaranteed to withstand the weight of the tank and its contents.
  • Our tanks are specially signature marked which discloses the date of manufacture and the individual tank maker. As this identification is glued into the tank, it cannot be removed.
  • Tank Warranty valid only with valid proof of purchase. Please contact store with any concerns about your tank's performance.

Because you are buying direct from the manufacturer without middle men markups, you are assured of getting the best possible price. Sadly, some competitors associate this lower price when compared to their own with lower quality. When buying a new fish tank, ask the retailer who made it, do you get a written warranty and are you insured against leakages. If not, then you need to consider making your purchase elsewhere.


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